Recycled Products

In addition to our many options of concrete blocks, Construction Service offers recycled stone and fill products for use on your project. Available at our Wilbraham yard for pick-up or delivery, we offer 3/4″ Recycled Concrete Stone, Crushed Concrete Tailings, and a processed fill material (1 1/2″ Minus) that meets most project specifications for backfill/base material. The 3/4″ Recycled Concrete Aggregate meets aggregate requirements as specified in ASTM C33 and can be used for most of the same applications as standard graded stone materials. The 1 1/2″ Minus Crushed Concrete is similar to a processed gravel material can be utilized in such applications as a structural base for your upcoming concrete placement, roadway, or as a basic fill material.The Crushed Concrete Tailings are similar to a traditional stone dust material and can also be used as a structural base or fill material. Also, as these materials are all 100% recycled, they may also benefit your project by qualifying for valuable LEED credits.