Ready Mix Concrete

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Construction Service offers a full line of ready mix concrete materials for delivery throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

With 4 fully automated concrete plants and a fleet of 30 front-end discharge concrete mixers, Construction Service is able to offer high quality concrete materials for timely & efficient delivery. We also have our own full-time quality control staff that monitor and test our materials on a daily basis. Our ACI certified technicians ensure quality and consistency in all of our concrete mixes.

Construction Service provides concrete to Federal, State, Commercial, & Residential projects with a full range of ready-mix products and design mixes. Everything from standard residential concrete to the highest performance building or bridge concrete is available at all 4 batch facilities. We also offer a full line of specialty ready mix products such as masonry grouts, self consolidating concrete, flowable fill, lightweight cellular fill, pervious concrete and much more!

Whether a large commercial project, or a do-it-yourself homeowner project, Construction Service is able to deliver the type of concrete you desire when and where you need it!

Standard Concrete Mixes (Standard design with ¾” aggregate)
2000 psi            2500 psi
3000 psi            3500 psi
4000 psi            4500 psi
5000 psi
*For required strengths above 5000 psi, please contact a Construction Service representative for specific concrete mix design assistance.

Full line of Mass DOT Approved Concrete Mix Designs

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Lightweight Concrete

Flowable Fill Materials
Excavatable Flowable Fill (Mass DOT Type 2E)
Non-Excavatable Flowable Fill (Mass DOT Type 2)
Pumpable Flow Fill
Quick-set (Coarse) Flow Fill
Lightweight Cellular Fill

Masonry Grouts
1-2 Fine Grout            2000 psi Coarse Grout
1-3 Fine Grout            2500 psi Coarse Grout
1-4 Fine Grout            3000 psi Coarse Grout
Gunite & Shotcrete mixes also available

Integrally Colored Concrete
Please refer to the Solomon Liquid Color Chart for various colors.
Please contact a Construction Service representative for color pricing and availability.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Standard Polypropylene Fibers
Steel Fibers
Structural Fibers
Synthetic & Steel Fiber Blends

Construction Service Redi Mix

Concrete Admixtures
Mid-Range Water Reducers
High-Range Water Reducers
Calcium Chloride Accelerator
Non-Chloride Accelerator
Set Retarding Admixtures
Waterproofing Admixtures
Moisture Mitigating Admixtures
Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures
Corrosion Inhibitors