Product Information

Insulated Concrete Forms or (ICF) from NUDURA and Carroll Concrete provide design professionals, architects, home owners and contractors a more efficient way to build Insulated Concrete Form concrete and commercial Insulated concrete form structures. Building with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) Integrated Building Technology allows concrete homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Building has Evolved with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.

Today’s buildings demand reliable, high thermal performance building envelopes that provide energy-efficiency, prevent heat loss, eliminate thermal bridging and provide safety and comfort over their operating lifetime. These performance criteria are key factors in minimizing energy running costs, while maximizing property value for owners. Designing with NUDURA allows you to offer your customer a superior product that offers maximum benefits over traditional building methods.


Thinking Green with Nudura: Nudura ICF: First Net-Zero School in the US