Concrete Blocks

Construction Service produces concrete blocks in a variety of sizes & styles to accommodate your project needs. These blocks are very versatile and can be used for material storage bins, basic retaining walls, temporary foundations and much more! Our inventory includes interlocking blocks as well as standard flat blocks.

The standard flat blocks are smooth on all sides with a recessed lift hook located on the top center and are available in 2 size lengths – 3’ or 6’. These standard blocks are 1.5’ high and 3’ wide for a sturdy base.

Our interlocking blocks are manufactured with V-Groove locks on all sides for easy positioning. They are available in 2 size lengths – 3’ or 6’ and are 2’ high and 2’ wide. With the interlocking blocks, we also produce standard end blocks, L-shaped corner blocks, and decorative cap blocks. Our interlocking blocks are also available with a cobble stone patterned face, if desired.

Please contact Construction Service to see how our versatile concrete blocks can help enhance your project today!